Welcome on my Website

All my life has evolved around acupuncture. But I never lost sight of my medical training. The result is a special mixture of enthusiasm and critical mind, of promotion and warnings, of diving into passed centuries and constant adjustments to our modern and scientific world, of eagerness and wisdom (when I can manage it).
So this is MY site: most of it (if not all) is personal, stemming from my efforts, my thinking, and my faculty of analysis. My knowledge of Chinese language, although imperfect (I am not a sinologist), has often allowed me to read in between the lines, to discover false attributions, to put this or that pretention in its right place. I started to accept everything I was taught. It is true that it is fascinating. But I already had to silence timid voices in me questioning the validity of a theory, the usefulness of a technique, the correctness of an argument (the Chinese are very good at the art of living with contradictions)…
A slow evolution started: getting rid of the useless, detecting the efficient, refusal of exaggerated pretentions, attentive analysis of tradition’s contribution, questioning some theories, fusion, when possible, of my knowledge of modern doctor, of anatomy, of neurology, with the great penetrating insights of Chinese thinkers and practitioners. Each critic aimed at saving the deep meaning, often cultural, often beautiful, and sometimes even astonishing. I was not interested in demolishing, but on the contrary to use as much as possible what could serve for a medical practice, in order to give an extra instrument in its therapeutical arsenal.
I am stopping here, because all this can be found in my books, my courses, my articles : resulting from a long evolution, they are my « spokesman » of my opinions, my ideas, which are found in my daily practice of medical acupuncturist, because that is simply said what I am.
I wish you an agreeable wandering on my site, and I hope that you will find what you are looking for, or at least some answers to your questions.
Acupuncturally yours,
François Beyens, Medical Acupuncturist.